Market Snapshot
Your very own 24/7 research staff is ready to go!

Consumers are converging on the internet looking for answers, but they're often not finding the information they want.

They're visiting sites of all types and affiliations and hunting for complete, up-to-the-minute information about changing real estate market trends. This is the critical type of homework buyers and sellers often perform before selecting an agent.

How would you like to make a positive first impression, or remain connected with past clients by providing a service that effortlessly provides real-time MLS market data and trend analysis to better meet the pressing needs of both online prospects and existing sellers?

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Here's How it Works:
1 Consumers enter information in a lead capture form/widget placed on your website, or any website of your choice.
2 Within minutes, both you and the consumer receive via email, the Market Snapshot link to the branded report with fresh content automatically pulled from your MLS.
3 The consumer then has the ability to seek follow-up interpretation directly from you. Best of all, they'll receive the branded report every 4 weeks to track market changes, thanks to you and your brand.

What else can Market Snapshot do for you?

Get Potential Buyers & Sellers Contacting You

The Market Snapshot prospecting system uses state-of-the-art technology to capture leads, and get them contacting you!

Pique the interest of potential buyers and sellers with fully customized, interactive MLS property reports, packed with LIVE market information, community and school data, plus charts and graphs. Compel them to contact you for more information.

Identify Your Hottest Leads

Market Snapshot shows you exactly how many people are responding to your marketing, how often they look at their Market Snapshot reports, and reveals their specific real estate interests.

Turn More Leads into Sales Automatically

Our system follows-up with every one of your contacts and leads AUTOMATICALLY. Every report highlights your photo, logo and contact information so buyers and sellers will remember YOU when they're ready to move. We show you EXACTLY how many people are responding to your postcards, how often they look at their Market Snapshot reports, AND reveal their specific real estate interests. You receive their contact information so you can follow-up.

This high-impact, 5-Step Marketing Plan helps you answer that question and gives you an opportunity to engage consumers and ultimately close more sales.

Best of all, it converts your existing advertising into lead generators and provides tops for leveraging FREE ads from other websites.

10-Step Marketing Plan for generating more leads with Market Snapshot.

This complete step-by-step plan shows you how to attract buyers with the most impressive, live MLS reports. These detailed reports are packed with the exact information buyers are looking for in today's changing market - current real estate trends in their neighborhoods.

Once you have made a connection, simply use this system to stay in touch with prospects until they become clients.

Also includes tips for generating leads on free sites such as Facebook® and Craigslist.

In today's market, you need to get more leads AND motivate consumers to make a move. Market Snapshot has a proven lead generation and follow-up system to help you capture more leads by speaking directly to real estate consumer interests: home values and trends in their neighborhood!

Call me and I will show you how to effortlessly set up this plan.