The real estate life-cycle is complex, and getting from lead-gen to closing used to mean juggling multiple tools from multiple vendors.

We just made your dreams a reality.

Say hello to Move-Cycle™, your all-inclusive solution for prospecting, follow-up, client engagement, and lead management from Top Producer® and®.

+ Lead Generation: Move Cycle offers multiple lead-gen avenues online, including enhancements and exposure on real estate's most viewed site,®1, lead-generating tools for your Open Houses, and powerful buyer-generation systems that capture contact information effortlessly.
1comScore Media Metrix, September 2011

+ Lead Integration: Move Cycle lets you seamlessly integrate and manage leads from almost ALL the major national real estate sites like®, MSN, and AOL. Multiple lead sources with one place to manage them all. It doesn't get any easier than that.

+ Automatic Follow-Up: Move Cycle does the heavy lifting for you and follows-up with your prospects automatically. Once a lead's into the system, all you have to do is set them up on a follow-up plan, and let Move Cycle do the rest.

+ Engaging Local Content: Move Cycle gives you the ability to give consumers the local info. they're looking for with a targeted Housing Trends newsletter. You'll have an easy way to stay in touch, and your customers will have the information they crave.

+ Social Media Savvy: Move Cycle comes complete with a robust business page app that builds you an effective Facebook® presence that generates conversations AND leads for you. Plus, the app configures seamlessly with the rest of your Move Cycle components, so your Facebook® page will leave your competition speechless.

+ Tools and Guides: When you have Move Cycle™, you also have access to online listing presentations, guides to obtaining REO listings, Buyers Guides, Sellers Guides, materials that help you understand how to work with today's mobile consumer, and much, much more.

The Move Cycle solution lets you free up your time to generate more leads and close more transactions, and it's the only solution you'll need.

Watch the MoveCycle Video.

MoveCycle TM

If you have any additional questions about how Move Cycle is going to make your life easier, let me know, I'll be happy to answer them. (805) 557-7965.