The New Top Producer®
The New Top Producer®
Revolutionizing Real Estate

Say Hello to the NEW Top Producer® CRM.
74% of clients give referrals to agents who stay in touch.*
Do it easily and build your business with real estate's most intuitive CRM application.
*NAR 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Top Producer

Referrals are the lifeblood of real estate, and satisfied clients are your best source of new business. And because over 95% of leads are closed between the 2nd and 12th contact, staying in touch is critical to your success - and that's what Top Producer® does better than anyone else. Top Producer® keeps your sales pipeline running smoothly with automated, PERSONALIZED follow-up on a regular schedule, and you don't need a PhD to use it.

It's real estate's super-fast mobile CRM. The NEW Top Producer® is super-easy and makes follow-up a breeze.

Look up, because Top Producer® is in the Cloud.
The new Top Producer® is a cloud-based solution, so you'll be able to access your business anytime, anywhere, from any touch screen mobile device - in SECONDS. So take a deep breath and savor the sweetness, because we're helping you put the "life" back in your "work-life" balance.
HTML 5 Puts your CRM in Overdrive.
It's the gold standard for web-based apps, and the NEW Top Producer® is built on the framework. And don't worry, we're the nerds figuring this stuff out so you don't have to. What this means for you is Super-Fast access to your clients and business from your smartphone or tablet, and an interface that's intuitive and elegant. No downloads. No installs. Just open and go.

Manage Your Business in Minutes
You're a busy agent with a busy schedule, and sometimes, finding time to live your life in-between appointments can be difficult. Now, it doesn't have to. Because Top Producer® is a cloud-based solution, you'll be able to manage your business in minutes from any touch screen mobile device or desktop with our new HTML5 interface. And rest easy, because you'll never have to worry about missing out on new business again with SMS lead alerts delivered right to your mobile device. Top Producer® is real estate software that's built to work for you, not the other way around - and it'll help you put the "LIFE" back into your work/life balance.

Stay One-Step-Ahead with Contextual Coaching
People buy people long before they buy a product, and Top Producer® helps you connect in a personal, meaningful way. Top Producer's Contextual Coaching asks you if you want to follow up with a client, how you'd like to do it, and when to schedule the activity - all in plain English that's easy to understand. Manage a customer, schedule the next step, and send a personalized piece of follow-up in less than a minute - no cumbersome menus and screens to navigate, and no clunky canned messages. You'll engage your customers with real-time decisions, lively conversation, and genuine communication from one human being to another.

Plug into Your MLS and Supercharge Your Productivity
Top Producer® CRM even has a plugin that links you directly into your MLS. The Top Connector plugin automatically imports MLS comparable data and photos for you, so you'll be able to create stunning buyer and seller presentations with a few simple clicks. Top Connector puts the power of your MLS to work for you, so you'll spend less time creating documents, and more time getting clients.

*Top Connector requires a one-time fee setup of $149

Join the Social Conversation
Your friends. Your family. Your sphere. They're on Facebook®, they're on Twitter®, and they're talking. And now, you can join the conversation when appropriate with Top Producer's Social Media toolset. Stay engaged through one-click access to notes, follow-up AND posts from Facebook® and Twitter® for every contact in your database. You'll never forget a birthday or important milestone again, and in the process, you'll make sure that your clients will never forget you.

Manage Leads from National Sites including®
You get leads from a lot of places, and Top Producer® gives you one place to manage them all. Plus, Top Producer® integrates seamlessly with real estate's most viewed site, and the site that consumers come back to most,®1. Make the consumer connection online, and use Top Producer® to help turn that initial internet lead into another satisfied customer.

1comScore Media Metrix, August 2011

Keep Your Clients Safe and Your Business Secure
We'll give you the peace of mind you need by protecting your data with multiple layers of data encryption, and safeguard against single-device failure with multiple storage units. And to provide additional levels of security for you and your clients, we secure your information with multi-level intrusion detection systems and up-to-the-minute virus scans. Plus we back up all your data hourly, daily and weekly to ensure you'll have access to it when you need it.

Powerful Marketing, Online and Offline
Top Producer® CRM isn't just a best-in-class client follow-up solution, it's also a powerful marketing machine. The system is designed to help you generate business, online and offline, with automated marketing systems that include postcard campaigns, flyers and hundreds of letters that you can customize to your clients. Creating campaigns is easy, and once you're done, you can print, save and email right from the application. It's an all-inclusive solution that helps you be a more efficient agent.

Manage All Your Listings and All Your Closings, Easily
Multiple listings mean multiple closings, and Top Producer® CRM has you covered. You'll make sure every client you have is your most important one, because Top Producer® CRM comes fully equipped with Listing and Closing action plans. Built with your busy schedule in mind, these plans automatically remind you about critical tasks you need to complete so you stay on track. Plus, the system gives your clients online access to their transaction; your clients can log-in and see all that you do to ensure that they get to closing smoothly and efficiently. Top Producer® CRM lets you put the "customer" back in "customer service," and it'll help you turn your listings and closings into more referrals.